Warranty Registration

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For your Warranty to be valid you have to register your product by filling the following form.


Important Notice:

The date of purchase is considered to be the date that is on the receipt. If the device was given as an extra with the purchase of a vehicle (i.e. a motorcycle) then there should be a receipt for the device even if there was no extra charge or else the issue of the license date for the motorcycle will be considered the date of purchase for the device as well.



The lifelong warranty applies to the proper operation of the central unit and not to the peripheral components (i.e. controller, wiring, sirens). The peripherals have a warranty of 6 months.



For any kind of service that may be needed, there must be a scheduled appointment with our Service Department.

If the device or the peripherals have an expired warranty, there will be a small charge for any kind of work needed. For more info call our Service Department, tel: 210 28 32104

Warranty Registration Form