• This page allows you to create and generate all your desired reports, in the top left you will see two sub tabs.
  • Here you can select whether to generate standard generic reports such as trip reports and violation reports or scheduled and custom reports.
  • In generic reports you select your desired report from the list which will bring up a pop-up where you select the parameters such as asset/s and time-scale.
  • This report can then be viewed in the right hand pane and also exported using the controls at the top.
  • In scheduled and custom reports, using the create report button, which brings up a pop-up with advanced report options. here you can customise the report to your exact needs.
  • One of the options is to schedule the report so that it is automatically emailed to the specified person/s.
  • his report will then also be added to the left-hand list for future use. Again, the custom report can be exported to excel and pdf.
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